Access Control

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Electronic access control is something you might have used and not thought about.  Swiping a card or inputting a code to get into the gym, office building, or the like is access control.  The “access” part is obvious, but the “control” is what it gives you over your facility.  So many companies, large and small, need this but might not know where to begin.  Run reports of who accessed the file room the day a  particular file was lost.  Set a door to open with a temporary code so a maintenance crew can work without an escort.  So much is possible with these systems that you cannot at least consider it for your facility.  Consider the cost of re-keying every door in your facility if an employee loses their keys or leaves disgruntled.  Now consider just a few clicks on the keyboard and going home knowing your doors are secure.

Wiring Solutions offers an almost unlimited range of products to provide you the solution you desire.  From a simple card swipe, to biometric access with fingerprint or retina eye scans,  everything is within your reach with one call to 405-476-9473.

We are a direct dealer in Oklahoma for numerous brands of access control systems.  There are too many on the market to know them all but the brands we have chosen to install and service are industry proven and backed by solid manufacturers that  provide us the support needed to deliver a strong product to the customer.

Bosch Access – Manufacturer Trained and Certified
Continental Access – Manufacturer Trained and Certified

IEI Access Systems
Kantech Access Control – Manufacturer Trained and Certified
Keyscan Access Control – Manufacturer Trained and Certified
Honeywell Access Control Systems

Wiring Solutions can design and implement an access control solution for your business or site that allows you complete control of your facility.  We are skilled in the installation of all types of locking mechanisms, from magnetic locks to electric door strikes.  Many of the products we install are FIPS compliant for government facility use.  All of our access control technicians are licensed through the Oklahoma Department of Health as licensed locksmiths and have their background checked by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) as well as the FBI.  Fingerprints and information are on file with these agencies as well.  Securing your facility starts with knowing the security of the installers.

Electrical License OK5762.  Security License 0888.