Alarm Installation

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Alarm System InstallationChoosing who installs your alarm system is just as important as choosing what system to install.  Wiring Solutions is a leader in all aspects of securing your structure.  Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.

We take pride in the fact that we install only the best systems on the market by the largest and most respected manufacturers; DMP,  DSC and Honeywell.  This sometimes means we cannot compete with a budget alarm company selling an inferior product.  However, the money spent in service work will far outweigh the small savings you see at the install.   Our pricing is competitive and fair, yet designed to ensure that our company maintains the correct margins to guarantee that when you call for service we are still in business to answer that call.  Criminals run in social circles too, they talk about the various alarm systems they encounter.  Make sure you are not basing your security on an inferior product or provider.

An unfortunate practice of so many alarm companies is the installation of proprietary alarm equipment that can only be monitored and serviced by that company.  Many home builders, as well as home owners, fall victim to this practice as these companies offer free installs or very low prices to them.  This underhanded practice locks you into using their equipment and their services and allows you no choices.  Wiring Solutions installs non-proprietary equipment that can be monitored and serviced by anyone.  If you don’t like our service you can choose another provider and remain confident in the fact that you will not be paying hidden fees to replace equipment.

Unlike many of the budget alarm companies, we do not offer a “cookie cutter” approach to your security.  Your building and needs are different from the next person, and there is no effective way to ensure your valuables are protected without designing a system to meet your specific areas of concern.  Lesser providers will tell you they have a “one size fits all” or an “all in one” system and can offer you a “free install”.  Don’t be fooled by their tactics!  Besides, do you really want a budget driven or start-up alarm company protecting what matters to you most?  You spend good money purchasing your property so why would you select the lowest bidder to protect it?

With more trucks and trained technicians ready to respond to your needs, our service and professionalism will impress you long after that budget price is forgotten.  We are not a company for everyone.  If you are calling around for the lowest price and bargain based install you should save your time and not call us.  We do not price match and lower our prices to meet the smaller and less qualified alarm company prices.   Those selling their equipment and services for bottom dollar know just what their product is worth.

Call our offices at 405-476-9473 to find out more information or set up an appointment for installation.  We promise you will not be pressured by overly-driven sales people and you will not be pushed in a direction you are not comfortable with.  Our people will provide answers and information – and if you feel comfortable with our company, we would like the opportunity to be your security provider.

Electrical License OK5762.  Security License 0888.