Wiring Solutions is a Certified Native-American, Woman-Owned Business.  This allows us to meet any Federally mandated hold-backs while remaining a small business entity.   

As a member of the I.E.C, we maintain B.A.T certified electricians and apprentices to ensure we are accepted on military bases and government installations world-wide.   

Our vast experience with Government contracting and our extensive Federal experience and licensing permits us to travel world-wide on electrical projects that may exceed the capabilities of the local contractor.  We maintain electricians and technicians willing to travel wherever the project takes them.  We have completed projects on various government facilities in numerous states, and employ a Project Manager who specializes in Governmental installations.   This level of commitment allows us to be well versed in the intricacies of Federal work and means we are on site and working toward completion of the project while others are learning how to deal with Federal paperwork.

Our continued ability to treat every project as mission-critical while bringing it to completion on time and within budget are one of the many reasons our governmental operations are growing exponentially.

If you are a Federal employee or contractor in Infrastructure Support, I.M., or another department that could utilize our services please call our offices at 405-476-9473 and speak with James about the ways Wiring Solutions can bring our impressive level of service to your facility.