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Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee your property will not become a victim of crime.  It is a sad fact that there will always be those who will take from others instead of earning, and property crimes like burglary will increase as the economy worsens.

There are ways you can make things a little harder for the criminal element.  Simple things that you might overlook in everyday life may be inviting to someone up to no good.

Here we list a few measures that you should take to lessen your chances of being a victim of a burglary.



  • Monitored Security

Of course one of the best deterrents is a functioning, monitored security system.  Wiring Solutions is a name recognized by criminals via our thousands of signs and decals protecting homes and businesses state wide.  Choosing the right company to monitor your system is as important as having it monitored.   A reputable, well known company with a proven history of installing systems right is what you get with Wiring Solutions.  Criminals run in social circles too, they talk about the various alarm systems they encounter.  Make sure you are not basing your security on an inferior provider.

  • Adequate Lighting

Ensuring that there is sufficient street lighting as well as outdoor lighting surrounding a home and area business is important in presenting an unattractive target for criminals. Areas most likely to be burglarized are those where lighting and overall visibility are poor.

  •  Removing Overgrowth

Keeping hedges and other vegetation around points of entry into a home or business (windows, doors, and garage) low deters burglars, who otherwise rely on an obstructed view. Overgrowth around points of entry provide a save cover behind which a burglar can work at ease to gain entry. Protection should be a higher priority than privacy.

  •  Concealing Garbage Contents

Law enforcement officials report that there’s little more telling of a family than the contents of their garbage. And for many neighborhoods, this open book to a resident’s life and the contents of their home is sitting curbside every week. By compressing and concealing in cans or bags the boxes of items purchased for the home, residents conceal from both burglars and predators many revealing facts about the family. Aside from valuable electronics contained within, the age and gender of children also becomes evident by the items left for garbage pickup – if not concealed. Purchasing a shredder or taking part in shredding programs offered by most banks is an even better way to ensure your private information remains private.

  •  Keeping Garage Doors Closed

An alarming number of criminal “scouts” hit the streets every day assessing the vulnerability of a home or business. They are also trying to assess the risk of a burglary verses the value it would yield – and nothing helps them more in this assessment than an open garage door. The contents of a garage are as telling, if not more so, than the contents of garbage – clearly depicting consumption habits, lifestyle and family profile. From the bikes and scooters of young children, to power tools, motorcycles and vehicle make and model, an open garage door is an open invitation. Keeping garage doors closed at all times removes one provocation and keeps a property in the “general” rather than “interesting” category in the mind of a criminal.

  •  Neighborhood Watch Program

The effectiveness of community awareness as a deterrent to crime should not be underestimated. When an active neighborhood takes notice of suspicious vehicles or activity, it develops a reputation as an “alert” community and becomes less desirable to a criminal than an area more ambivalent. While Neighborhood Watch signs can be instrumental in warning potential burglars of this effort, they need to be followed through by an active association and participation.  Everyone in the neighborhood has something to gain by having such a program in place.  Wiring Solutions has worked with several neighborhood associations and assisted in the establishment of a watch program.  This, coupled with yard signs and monitored security systems will keep the criminals moving to less secure neighborhoods.

  •  Vacation Precautions

Before leaving for vacation, there are a few things a homeowner can do to reduce the vulnerability of a vacant home. Place a hold on mail and paper delivery, or arrange for a neighbor to secure them – avoiding accumulation and primary indicator of temporary vacancy. Asking neighbors to also retrieve the solicitation left on or at the front door is also a good idea. Rather than leaving certain outdoor lights on continuously, place them on a timer or photo-electric cell.  Our electrical division can install such a device at a very reasonable price, especially when you consider the alternative of repairs and lost peace of mind after a break-in.

  • Secure Locks

A very interesting fact is that most criminals don’t have to break in to homes.  Studies have proven that many will walk right through unsecured doors and windows.  Make sure all doors and windows are locked and secured.  Especially if you have children in the house.  In their innocent minds, when they close the door after playing outside that means it is secured.

Not only are some types of window and door locks more secure, they may also qualify homeowners for a discount from homeowner insurance providers. Check with your insurance provider to find out which locking system qualifies you for a discount and offers increased protection.

  •  Closing Drapes or Blinds at Night

Oftentimes potential burglars drive through neighborhoods at dusk in order to get a better view into a home. The entire contents of a home are more visible when illuminated at night and provide the perfect display for a criminal out “window-shopping.” Keeping drapes and blinds closed after dark conceals both the layout of a home and its valuable contents.

For more information please see the interactive game from the hit Discover Channel program “It Takes a Thief” by clicking here.

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