Alarm Permits

Many municipalities require the issuance and posting of an alarm permit for your security system.  Some laws state that this permit must be obtained whether your system is monitored with a company like Wiring Solutions, or simply installed in your home or business and not monitored.

Like all security companies, Wiring Solutions does not issue or provide a use permit  for your system.  State law dictates that as the owner or end user of the system it is your responsibility to provide a permit for your location if applicable.  We have provided this list of local municipalities and the permit information.   These links are valid at the time of publishing and are direct links to the city or municipality site.  Wiring Solutions is not responsible for the information contained within the link or where the link might direct you.  If you do not see a link for your city or have additional questions about your alarm permit you may find assistance by calling the city municipal offices, the non-emergency number of the local police department, or the non-emergency number of the local fire department.

Oklahoma City YukonMooreNormanWarr Acres Midwest City – ChandlerThe VillageTulsa – Stillwater Lawton

Electrical License OK33719.  Security License 0888.